Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today, all first grade teachers spent the day dissecting the Common Core Standards. It was a good day packed full of important much so that we all went home with raging headaches! That being part of first grade standards in Measurement and Data is to collect data. We discussed what that may look like and I immediately thought of this survey from Kindergarten Crayons. Students can collect data by surveying their peers as they build a bar graph. Click on the pic to get a copy of hers.
Here is the next step in surveying friends in the classroom. I used the format from another blogger friend (soooooo sorry, but I don't remember who-leave a comment if it is you and I will be sure to give credit!). Click on the pic to get this...
The rule is when you have filled up the row of yes's or no's, stop surveying and begin compiling data. The same rule applies for the next graph which is more advanced than the one above.
The next step would be to have your kiddos tally mark to record their data then compile their data on the bar graph. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. We are implementing Common Core in math next year so this will come in very handy. Planning to use it this year with several of our graphing activities as well

  2. Oh good-we are full steam ahead with the Common Core standards. It is going pretty good right now- just different than what we are used to. I just cut the strings and started letting my kiddos survey each other and complete the graphs without my guidance. They did really well!

  3. I'm so glad to see that kids are learning these concepts early! I teach college Statistics. Many students come in with no concepts of data and charts.

  4. Hi Johanna, these sheets look amazing and perfect for my kiddies. Unfortunately your links for the survey sheets don't seem to work anymore. I would love a copy if you wouldn't mind sending them to me. My email address is Thanks Fiona