Monday, October 29, 2012

Spider Mania and a little November Stuff!

Oh. My. Gosh!!!! What a week...and it was even a 3 day weekend! Report cards, lesson planning, kids, ...too much! Whoever said weekends were for relaxing, well, they obviously were NOT teachers!

Sorry for venting, I do feel better though! SO, I did get a few things finished to share with you.

Last week we made the CUTEST spiders to go with our spider stories. The spiders are from my spider glyph/math mini unit found in my EEK! Spider Math! And the writing ideas came from my "A Unit ABout Spiders! Have look below to see how they turned out:

I created new calendar pieces for November because I am OBSESSED with Melonheadz! Check them out below...
Cute right???? I LOVE her stuff!

ALso, I pulled out one of the games from my Surfin' back to School Unit. This activity works on teen numbers and place value. 

Here is a preview:

I guess that is all I have my friends! I do have a HUGE math unit coming that aligns perfectly with Common Core AND Expressions...which is the math program we use. Look for it-coming soon! I know, I know, writing too...I just can't seem to fit it all in! I promise I will get there! Happy Halloween...I know I won't be able to get back to you until this crazy week is over! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh David!!! ELA Mini Unit Coming Soon!

My good friend Gayle Magee drew these AMAZING pictures for me to use in a David unit. She is sooooo talented! I can't wait to get this little unit put together and share it with all of you. I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE the David books and my kiddos do too. There will be tons of Maps with high-level thinking activities perfect for your first, second, and third graders. Here is a little preview below...

Lots more to add but it is a good start! Happy Hump Day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Winners of the EEK! Spider Math!

Thanks again to all who played along and for the nice comments about my kiddos! I have once again discussed numbers with my random reporter and I pleased to announce the winners are...

1. Teacher and Lifelong Learner
2. Shannon
3. jBales

Congrats to you wonderful teachers! I really think your kiddos will LOVE playing with these activities.  I know mine did!

If you did not win my little EEK! Spider Math! unit then go grab a copy at my TpT store. Have a look one more time below...

I also found this cute little poem I did last year. I forgot all about it! The kids LOVE learning new poems and chanting them as we transition from one area to another. I noticed my class even enjoys chanting the poems as we walk to lunch...quietly of course!  Grab a copy of the fun FREE spider poem below! If you are interested in how I use poems in my class click HERE and check out my ideas!

Have fun teaching my friends! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

EEK! Spider Math! A Common Core Math Mini-Unit

Happy Sunday...and I blinked-it's over!!! UGH! Where does the time go? Really...I just need another couple days to catch up. I know you all feel the same way!

So, I just finished up my Spider Math Mini-Unit. Have a look below...

I had a blast this last week learning about spiders with my kiddos and playing the partner house games as well as the shake and spill game from the mini-unit above. It is perfect to combine with my ELA Spider Unit. Check it out below...

This unit includes LOTS of Maps, writing, ABC order, Rhyming, Writing, Sentence Scramble, Fact and Opinion, and LOTS more!

I will give away three of the EEK! Spider Math Mini Units to friends who leave a comment below. 

Yesterday we had some pictures taken of our kiddos and they came out great! Here are a couple of my favorites! 
My oldest daughter Jordyn. Silly!

My youngest daughter Grace and I. Love my girl! youngest daughter.  

They turned out so good...I can't wait to see the rest! Don't forget to leave a comment for a free copy of my EEK! SPider Math Mini Unit. Have a great week friends! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Thank you fabulous friends for playing... I wished I could give ALL of you a free copy! But...the random reporter has spoken and the winners are...

                                #2: Barbara at
                                #9: Marcy
                               #13: Shannon

If you missed out on the giveaway, it isn't to late to purchase a "My Body, My Skeleton" unit. CLick {HERE} to go to my TpT store and grab a copy. It is super fun and your kiddos will LOVE it!

Congrats Ladies!!!! Thanks again for playing. Look for my Common Core Writing Unit for Second Quarter coming soon-Hopefully this week!

Happy (to soon) Monday!

My Body...My Skeleton! Common Core Mini Unit

Hi there my friends. I just finished my "My Body...My Skeleton" Mini Unit with my kiddos and their stories about their bodies turned out super cute! This unit includes three different graphs with data questions, Roll a Skeleton, a Brace Map about their skeleton, a cute little poem about skeletons, and a writing maps and "pretty paper, " and a SUPER CUTE craftivity that is SUPER EASY too! This mini unit is a ton of fun and your kiddos will love the activities included! Have a look at the preview below...

I will give three of these units away so be sure to leave a comment to enter to win. If you are desperate to have a unit NOW...visit my TpT store by clicking {HERE}. 

Here is a picture of one of my kiddo's "My Body" story with the craftivity. 
It is a little hard to see here, but I copied a skeleton on black construction paper. Then the kids colored the skeleton with a white coloring pencil and I cut them out. They are SOOOO cute! This picture really doesn't do them justice...but trust me...C.U.T.E!!! So, that is it for now folks-I will be back soon with Common Core Writing Unit Quarter 2! See ya soo!

And don't forget-leave a comment and enter to win a FREE "My Body, My Skeleton" Unit!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Love To Eat, Eat, Eat..Solid Shapes! Freebie!

Hi there friends, it is getting late but I wanted to share with you this fun little graphing activity with your before I went to bed. My kiddos earned their first class party and this is what we are going to do to celebrate.
Here is what I bought at the store today.
Directions on how to play...NOT COMPLICATED AT ALL! 

Graph for recording results.

Now, Let's write about our data!

So, there ya have it! And it is completely FREE-
Click {HERE} to go to my store and grab a FREE Copy! I just ask one favor...let me know how it goes...if you take a copy and use it in your classroom that is! I will let you know tomorrow how my Solid Shape Food party goes and I will also be back with the funnest My Body, My Skeleton mini unit EVER! See ya then!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What We Did Last Week! and Update on Common Core Writing Unit Quarter 2

What did we do last week you ask...well let me show you! We made the cutest firefighters from Kim Adsit's Fire FIghter unit . Then we read LOTS of books about firefighters and shared all the information we learned with each other. After, we began the writing process using a circle map, tree map, and then finally transferring our stories to our final paper. Have a look below to see how cute they turned out below...

If you would like to do this fun project and writing with your kiddos, click HERE and grab a FREE circle map, tree map, and paper to write about firefighters.

And...I am working on creating a Common Core Writing Second Quarter, the follow-up unit from Common Core Writing First Quarter.  Look for it by the end of the week!

This unit will include writing topics such as Scarecrows, Indian Corn, Leaf Man, Owls, Turkeys, Winter, Hot Chocolate, Snowmen, My Elf, and more! More than enough material and activities to take care of your planning needs and your first graders writing needs for the entire second quarter!
Coming Soon!!!!