Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ready, Set, Order! An ordering Numbers Activity Mini-Pack

Both activities in Ready, Set, Order! An ordering Numbers Activity Mini-Pack would be perfect for math centers. The first activity can be played with a partner or individual. Students draw one card at a time and then order the numbers by writing them on their data sheet. Students discuss their answers with each other and continue playing. Here is an example below:

The next game included in this pack can be played with 2-4 people. Student draw a card, mentally sequence the numbers, choose which set matches, and then checks their answer on the answer key. If they are correct they roll the dice and move their maker that many spaces. Here is a little preview below:

If you are interested in this fun little pack I am selling it at my shop for $3. Click here if you are interested in purchasing it. 

Be sure to leave a comment because I am going to be giving away 2 of these little packs...who are the winners going to be???? Could it be you?!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Congratulations! The winners of the Symmetry game are...

Contrats to Kim, Cathy, and Rachel! They are the lucky winners of my newest symmetry game seen below:

If you are interested in purchasing this game to play with your kiddos, visit my store. Click HERE and check it out!

Friday, April 13, 2012

And the Winners are....+ Symmetry game a FREEBIE!

Happppppy Friiiiday to those of you who are in school. I am on break so today represents {almost} the end of my much needed week off! Oh was fun while it lasted, now back to the grind stone!

On to happier news, I have two winners AND, thanks to Tanya and Kylie I used the Random Generator! Guess what...I think I did it right and not too painless at all! You ladies are fabulous! So here are the winners:
Congrats to Kate and Marcy!!!! WooHoo- I will be emailing you this unit!

Thanks to all of you wonderful teachers for playing along!LOTS of fun!

If you missed out yesterday on checking out my newest ELA unit, have a look below. You can purchase it at my store HERE:

Last night I put together a game for students to practice identifying/recognizing symmetry.  Common Core does not have a standard for symmetry however, if your kiddos take the MAP test, they must know what symmetry is. Below is a preview of the game:

and of course, as I was falling asleep last night I thought of a tree map to go with this game! Students can use the same cards used for the game to sort on the tree map. Just another extension of the game!
Soooo, click on the tree map below and grab a copy of the tree map to sort the pictures from the above game. I also added the letters of the alphabet - students can sort all letters or just their name...or certain words like spring, summer, weather, insects...the list goes on and on!
Click HERE to get a copy of the tree map activities below. 

I am going to have kiddos sort the letters using the sorting mat tree map above. They will also draw the line of symmetry on each letter. When they are finished they can complete the data sheet {the tree map above this}. Grab a copy of the tree map symmetrical sorting activity to use in your class-just leave me a little comment of ya would! I love reading them :-)  

Yep-I have to do it! I will give away 3 of the symmetrical games from my store.  Hmmmm...who will the winners be????

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's Get Buggy...With ELA Common Core and So Much More!

Hello all my wonderful friends! I finished my Common Core ELA unit. This unit is packed full of activities and games your students will love to play. What I love most about these activities is students have a blast while learning at the same time. This unit covers many Common Core Standards plus a lot more! The following activities can be found in this unit. 
-ABC order
-Syllable Sort
-Sentence Scramble
-Homophone Game
-Synonym Game
-Inflected ending brace map
-Contraction brace map
-Friendly Letter brace map
-Beginning and ending sh/ch tree map sort
-word family sort
-Sentence correcting with punctuation 
-Rhyming game
-Noun sort
-Nouns and Verbs sort

Check out the preview below:

Here are a few more pictures (I couldn't fit them all in on the same page).

I am going to try the random number generator for a giveaway. I am going to give 2 units away so be sure to leave a comment. (Any advice on the random generator thing would be greatly appreciated). 

This unit will cut your planning time in half! Kids love to learn using the fun and highly engaging activities found in this unit. It is a must!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BunnyMallow Sort and Graph Freebie!

I know I am a little late with this fun activity but maybe you can grab some of these fun little marshmallows on clearance or maybe you can use it next year. I found these fun spring bunnymallows at Walmart...
Of course I HAD to buy them and do some kind of FUN with them. So...I finally got around to making a little graphing packet. Give each student a handful of marshmallows and let the sorting, graphing, and writing begin. If your like, take one :-) Click on the first pic to get your copy...

I will be back SOON with a Spring ELA Common Core packet. How do I spend my vaca. - working! How about honest, I know most of you do too! Happy Easter {Break for me and the rest of Carson City School District}!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Personal Narrative With S'mores Freebie!!!! Grab it NOW!!

So my little friends and I went back to personal narratives and wrote about our experience making a s'more.  I decided to put it into a little packet for you to download if you wish. All the directions are provided for you in the packet. If you take a copy please leave me a little comment - or let me know how it went. Happy Easter!

The black lines are provided in the packet.
YA...I guess it helps if you upload it and link it! Late April Fool's Day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long Vowel Kids and Base word + Ending Activities

I FINALLY found some much needed time for ELA Common Core. Below you will find two activities for reading and identifying base words + endings. The first activity students use a brace map (laminated). Using the word cards provided in packet and seen below, students choose one card and write the whole word on the left side of the brace (using an expo marker). Then they break the word apart to find the base word and the ending. They create an addition sentence at the bottom of the brace map practice putting the word back together. 

If you like the above game and would like to use it in your classroom, then click HERE and visit my TpT store. 

The next activity included in this packet is a game. Students work together and race to the finish line reading and identifying base words. 

Next, I created a little packet to address Common Core Standard: RF.1.3.c. Students are required to read words with the final e sound and common vowel team representing long vowel sounds. So I made a packet full of word sorts using tree maps and recording sheets as well as a silly animal story to go with each sort. Students will read the silly story and highlight the words with the long vowel patterns emphasized. Then students will write the words they found on the tree map recording page. There is a set of activities for each long vowel (a,e,i,o,u). See some examples below:

If you like the activities seen above, go on over to my little shop and grab a copy of each. You can click HERE or click on my TpT button on the right side of my blog. I am thinking I will give 3 lucky winners BOTH of these games for FREE. How about the first three fabulous teachers who leave a comment!

Tomorrow I will be back with more opinion writing freebies and a marshmallow bunny graphing and sorting activity.