Monday, September 19, 2011

A little more with shapes!

Shape Shuffle comin' your way! We played this game today and I am using it for an HQSI/SIOP observation tomorrow. I will begin by playing guess my shape using a bubble map. Whole group, students will listen and read the attributes of each shape. They will draw the shape they think it is after listening to the clues. Do a quick check for understanding/assessment of students' understanding then move on to the Shape Shuffle game. Click on the first pic to get your bubble map/attributes cards for each shape.
Now for the Shape Shuffle game. Click on the pic below to get your own copy. I printed on card-stock and laminated for durability. I have to thank Kathy Law over at First Grade A La Carte for inspiring me to make games like the Shape Shuffle! She has some crazy fun stuff over at her blog so check her out too! 
The directions are as follows: Work in pairs. Roll one die, move that many spaces with your marker. Say the name of the shape, use wikki sticks or pop cycle sticks to build the shape WITH YOUR PARTNER.  Then record the shape you built on your OWN data sheet when you have finished building the shape. As students are playing the game, you can quiz students with questions like...what shape did you build and how do you know? What are the attributes of this shape? The kiddos had fun and were learning all at the same time-I love it when that happens! Happy playing! 

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  1. My grandson spent the afternoon with me on Sunday and I asked how he was doing in school. He said he was having trouble with his shapes...he seems to know the basic shapes but the trapezoid was new to him. Thanks so much for this website...i have book marked it for future reference! Coni K Sykes, Onalaska, WI