Monday, September 12, 2011

Alphabet BINGO

Common Core Standards require first grade students to write capital letters and the matching lowercase as well. Our students are VERY good at writing lowercase, however there is not a lot of emphasis placed on capital letters in Kindergarten. I have made a BINGO game for students to play to learn the partner letters. Soooo.. this is how ya play. 1. Students are given one blank Bingo mat.
                     2. Students cut out and paste one letter to each box. Encourage them to use random letters                placed in NO particular order on their Bingo mat. Throw the extras away.
                     3. The teacher must have one set of the entire alphabet (capitals, lowercase, or mixed-the opposite of what the students are pasting onto their Bingo mats.)
                     4. When finished pasting-you are ready to play Bingo! Give students markers. The teacher places a card under the doc camera, students find its letter partner on their mat. If they have it, place a marker on the letter. If the student does not have the partner letter, then the student may not place a marker on their mat...just like Bingo! The key is is to use the OPPOSITE set of letters than your students so they practice identifying the partner letters.

I know - probably clear as mud, right? Leave a comment if I need to clarify more! The kiddos LOVE it though-I promise! Oh-ya...One more thing-collect the game boards (don't have students write their names) and pass out randomly to play again. You can practice capitals, lowercase, or mixed. Have fun!

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