Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Greater than/Less Than Alligator Symbols with Words Freebie

My little friends and I are working on comparing numbers using the <, >, = symbols. You can find a fun game using double digit number cards and ten frames in my Common COre Math Unit.

Most of them have it but I thought these fun little alligators would be perfect to hit the concept home for those who are still struggling a bit. I am going to let them use these tomorrow but switch them over to the regular symbols a.s.a.p.  I don't want them to rely on these too much~I also think it is SUPER important for them to read the number sentence using words. For example, ___ is greater than/less than/____. To play the game, I had students work in pairs. They each turned over a card from the stack of double digit numbers (seen above...there are several pages of double digit numbers in the packet) and used crayons to make the appropriate symbol. They then had to record the number sentence on their data sheet seen above {which I put in a sheet protector for easy reuse}. Tomorrow I will have them use these alligators {after they are cut apart and maybe even laminated} instead of crayons...I think they will have fun with it! Grab a copy of the alligators below and then grab a copy of my Common Core Math Pack for the fun game above!
Happy Hump I have to go deal with a 5 year old is having a melt-down! FUN for ME!!!

P.S. I totally just CRACKED myself up...I was "proof-reading" my post and noticed AFTER I posted it that I had put Happy Hump + y {at the end of hump...if ya know what I mean}. Now I am fixing it before I post it to the world...again! I got a pretty good laugh out of that one! Ok...GOODNIGHT!

Monday, January 30, 2012

February Calendar Pieces and a Freebie

I just finished my February Calendar Pieces and put them on TpT. Have a look below:
It is an ABCC pattern. How cute are these little guys? Click {here} or on the picture above and grab a copy of my calendar pieces. 

Now for a freebie:

I was tagged by some fabulous ladies at First Grade Magic, 
So, I have tagged some great blogs, see who I tagged:

Here are the rules of Bloggy Tag:
1.  Post the rules
2.  Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4.  Tag 12 people and link them in your post.
5.  Let them know that they have been tagged

My 12 fun things about me:
1. I am obsessive compulsive {undiagnosed} 
2. I am not good with change
3. I have 5 kids...yes you read that right: 5!!!!
4. They keep me busy, driving them here, there, and everywhere!
5. I love Starbucks coffee{who doesn't}
6. I am addicted to this blogging stuff and TpT!
7. I wish we didn't have to sleep~we could get so much more done!
8. I commute an hour each way to work.
9. I work at the best school in my district~for real!!!!
10. I live for weekends...who doesn't?
11. I love Thinking Maps!
12. As much as I love my job..I can't wait for my next long weekend!

These are the questions thatMrs. Nunely has asked the people she tagged to answer:
1.  What is your favorite kind of candy?   anything chocolate.
2.  What is something that you are really uptight about?  Reading directions and paperwork
3.  Is your car clean at this very minute?  not horrible but not great.
4.  What is your "favorite" household chore?  Cleaning the bathroom, only because if you clean the bathroom it makes the rest of the house magically fell cleaner.
5.  Do you miss Oprah?  I do but I didn't watch her a lot.
6.  Do you play an instrument?  NO-I wish
7.  What is your favorite piece of technology?  At school it is my document camera and my SMART Board.
8.  Do you have a social life?  NO~what is that????
9.  Are you a phone talker?  Yes...and it really bugs my hubby.
10.  Do you text?  Some
11.  What is your favorite piece of furniture in your house?  My clock from Marshall's {it doesn't work, so it ONLY for decoration, but I do love it!}
12.  Does anything make you squeamish?  Snakes, and spiders...YIKES!'re it!

Sorry friends, that's all I have in me tonight! Must Sleep!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

DOn't miss out!

I just noticed that TPT is giving credits for providing feedback after you purchase an item. You have to provide a fair rating and a fair comment and you will earn points which are complied for you. You can redeem them and earn dollars off your next purchase! WOW- TPT is the besT! SOOOOO, don't miss out, you will want to make sure you rate the products you purchase and earn points!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

COmmon Core Math Pack is READY...NOW!!!!!!

OK friends, grab it now, or else...well, it's not going anywhere but ...get it soon because it will make your life 100% E.A.S.I.E.R!!!! To celebrate ALMOST 200 followers, I am having a 20% off sale of everything. So I guess THAT is a great reason to go right over a get yourself a copy of my Common Core Math Pack because the sale won't last forever! If you didn't have a look yesterday, take a look now:

This unit is packed full of Common Core math activities for the following standards: Making 10, Count and add 2, true or false equations, unknown whole number {addition and subtraction}, measurement (nonstandard), time, and graphing. Your third quarter math standards are covered by this packet of hands-on, minds-on activities! Check out a preview to see an example of the first games included in this packet. Make planning and learning easy and fun, ALL in ONE!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Common Core Math Pack is READY...Tomorrow!

Here is a sneak preview of what you will find in my Common Core Math Pack...have a look below:

I will see ya tomorrow- Happy hump day!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

COMING SOON!!! Common Core Math Pack

As we speak, I am working on a Common Core Math Pack for the following standards: Making 10 seen below), Count and add 2, true or false equations, unknown whole number, measurement (nonstandard), time, and graphing. Hold on to your horses because your quarter of math standards are soon to be covered by this little packet! Check out a preview below to see an example of the first game included in this packet.

Coming soon to a blog near you!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowy Friends Find 10's { A 10 more/10 Less Game} and More!

I survived {barley} the 4 day week-pathetic huh! It always seems that the 4 day weeks always seem so much longer than a normal week. Anywho-I created a game for my kiddos to practice 10 more and 10 less. Common COre wants students to "Mentally" recall 10 more and 10 lees without the aide of the 100 chart-I don't know about you guys but that is a tough challenging concept for some of my kiddos. We have practiced counting by 10's from all single digit numbers as we transition from the mat to desks just to familiarize them with the concept a little more { and let me tell you it is hard for me!}. We also do this EVERYDAY at calendar but we have a HUGE 100 chart right there as well. I think it will just take LOTS of practice! {Just like this fun standard for our Firsties: true or false???? 3+4=5+6...Yikes!}

I love getting feedback so please let me know how it worked for you if you take a copy. Leave a little comment please ;-). Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Martin! mini unit- Just Posted!

Happy Birthday Martin! is a mini unit that contains several writing activities, a mini book, a brace map of me activity, a double bubble map comparing and contrasting two friends, reader's theater/play, and a poem. It is a unit that teaches students to identify similarities and differences and appreciate both qualities in each other. Students will understand all that Matin Luther King Jr. fought for and sacrificed for all cultures today. Your students will LOVE learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and make connections to their lives after completing this unit.

Check out my preview below:

So go on over to my store and grab a copy - it is only $4.00-I think you and your kiddos will LOVE it! 
CLick {HERE} or click on my button in the top right corner!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thanks Cara {The First Grade Parade} for the ADORABLE idea!

She got the idea from Pinterest and put her little spin on it. I made a black-line master for him and decided to have students fill in the blanks for the story problem. I will use the crazy looking dice that go up to 20 {I think} so students can get closer to sums of 20. On the printables, I left a space for circle drawings and an addition sentence for students to solve and show their work. If you like him {how could you not??} grab a copy here. He and his friends, who are going to be created by my little first grade friends soon, are going to become a bulletin board!

PS: I am going to use the large blue construction paper but I didn't have any at home. 
PPS: Ignore the first page of the download - it is just a little reminder in the future of what he is supposed to look like :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sorta-Kinda New Look!

Soooo, I was over at Ladybug's Teacher Files and learned a gob-zillion new tricks to "fancify" my little blog. SO what do ya think-can you tell a difference??? I had a blast! I hope you all are having a great week so far and the rest of your week goes well! Happy...Tuesday almost Wednesday!

PS-I will be back soon with some MLK stuff-FUN! Love this time of year!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Linky Party!!!

Can you say f.u.n.??? Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade is having a Linky Party and I am "Linked Up!" Is that even close to right lingo???? i don't know but here goes:
Fun - and I really enjoy looking at new blogs who are "linked up" too!
Happy Monday {ya-it's over}!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Love For...Tacky The Penguin Unit

I know I am committing a blogging no-no because I have already posted once today but oh well! I am finished with a super fun Tacky The Penguin Unit. If you like Bah-Humbugs you will love this unit too!
Here is a look at what you will get when you purchase Love For...Tacky The Penguin!

I have used Common Core Standards to create these activities as well as the MAP/NWEA data guidelines. This 46 page unit includes activities that require higher-level thinking skills. Your students will have a blast learning and reading about Tacky The Penguin with these ELA and math activities. Come on over to my little shop and grab a unit-it is "Perfect" for the month of January! 

AWARDS!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!

Thanks so much to Mrs. Nunley at First Grade Magic and Krisiti over at Cozart's class for the Liebster award and the Versatile award! WOW-I am sooooo honored!
This award is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers.

The Versatile award requires me to tell you seven things about me! So, here goes:
1. I LOVE spending time with the Family!
2. My computer should be connected to by body because I am on it at least every hour.
3. I am extremely addicted to blogging and creating stuff for school.
4. I was the West Coast Regional Barrel Racing Champ. back in 1996/97-College Rodeo and went to finals in SOuth Dakota. 
5. I am for sure (undiagnosed) obsessive-compulsive! 
6. I love listening to the funny things kiddos say and then dig deeper to find out their reasoning! 
6. I have celiac disease and the older I get the more I realize that I am allergic to foods-latest food allergy (I think) rice! UGH!
7. I have 5 kids and I commute 1 hour and 15 min (one way) a day to work at the best school in the state of Nevada! What can I say-I really love my school and kids!

SO now I have to pass on the fabulous award to other blogs:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Linky Linky Party-Linky Linky Party

Learning with Mrs. Parker is having a Favorite Winter Book Linky Party and I have "LINKED UP!" So what are my favorite books for this time of year you ask!!!!!  Well let me tell you...I L.O.V.E.-LOVE:

Last but NOT least...
if you don't have The Crayon Box That Talked you MUST get it ASAP! You will look forward to it every year for MLK!

So there ya have it!  My fav's and I know I am leaving out a whole bunch but my mind has drawn a blank.  It is getting late! Thanks to Learning with Mrs. Parker for having a Linky Party. It is always fun seeing the books that you guys pick as your fav's!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Freebie FUN!

I am sooooo enjoying this week of NO school! I am very sorry for those of you who had to go back on Tuesday-my kiddos included! I have to admit it is pretty nice having some quiet time during the day while everyone is busy at school. I got a chance to go visit my little guy's class-he's in Kindergarten. LOVE watching him in action! I have also had a chance to do a couple activities for school while I have been off but I promised myself I would NOT spend all of my vacation on the computer and I am proud to say that I have not! are a few activities I have put together FREE for you to use if you would like to in your classroom! Just leave me a little comment if you could - I would greatly appreciate it!

First on the list of freebies today is...
January Calendar
Click on the Picture above to get a copy of the January calendar. 

Next...Half/Not Half Tree Map Sort

I am all of the sudden having issues with google docs so the pic above will take you to my store and you can download it free there.  Not sure what the prob. is??? 

Look for a penguin unit coming soon and a Tacky the Penguin mini-unit with all kinds of higher-level thinking activities {very similar to the Bah-Humbugs unit}. 
Have a very nice rest of the week and I will be talking to ya soon:-) 

I just came across this and thought I would join it.  Not sure what it is all about but it looks fun!
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