Saturday, December 31, 2011


Snowman Soup has everything you need to start off the new year. There is 79 pages jam-packed with common core standard material.  I have also cross referenced MAP/NWEA{ Primary Instructional Data} provided by NWEA on their website to create these highly engaging/higher level thinking activities. You can get this fun filled unit at my store for $9.50. ALL items are on SALE NOW to celebrate the New Year. Everything is 20% off through the January 2nd. CHeck out a little preview below to see what is included in my newest unit Snowman Soup.

As you can see, I have included math, ELA, writing, and science in this unit. Each activity meets a standard as well as target MAP skills. There is missing addends, Measurement BINGO, True/False equation tree map sort, and adorable Glyph with data collecting sheet and graph, a survey, compound word game, synonym BINGO, antonym book and bridge map, writing maps with writing paper, listening comprehension story with a sequence/retell map included, a poem to build fluency as well as discuss sensory words, rhyming and more, ABC order, syllables, sentence scramble, fact and opinion and more! I know you will LOVE it- who doesn't love snowmen???? Hurry and go to my little shop and get yourself a copy of my Snowman Soup unit

Free Activities:

Measurement BINGO-Grab it at my Store!

WOW-that took me FOREVER to downsize it enough to make it fit! I am pooped! I think I am going to go watch War Horse! See ya soon:-) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Look for this fun little unit encompassing math, language arts, writing, and science, as well as Common Core Standards by the end of this week. It is a unit you will definitely want to use in your classroom! Check back soon - Happy Vacation!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Half and Whole Tree Map Sort

Common Core Half and Whole Tree Map Sort 
Students cut out the page below and sort the shapes on the tree map above. They sort by half, whole, and neither. Students must justify their answers by explaining their tree map with their partners. To increase the level of thinking, students can create their own shapes and switch with a partner. They can then sort their partners shapes on their tree map.  

Click on the picture above to get a copy of the tree map sort. If you so grab a sort, please leave me a comment-I would really appreciate it! Thanks-

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Oh my gosh-what a nice surprise! I bloggy friend {Kristy at Teachin' First} just awarded my blog the Liebster Blog award! This award is for blogs who have less than 200 followers.

So now, to pay it forward, I get to share my top 5 favorite blogs that have under 200 followers...

1. Kristy at Teachin' First: she has the C.U.T.E.S.T.  advent calendar idea! Definitely check her out!

2. Dawn at First Grade Shenanigans: Has a cute little graphing activity with Holiday Mallows and Snowmen. 

3. The ladies over at Fun For First: Cute stuff -too much to mention..check them out!

4. Next is Mrs. Sprague over at Kindergarten Forever: She has some great Tips that she shares to keep your class running smoothly.

Last but not least is Mrs. Hodson at Today in First Grade: Tons of cute ideas and freebies! Stop by her blog and become a follower!

So now I have payed it forward and I hope you find the above blogs to be as helpful as I have! Happy to ya soon!

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a SALE!!!!!!

Celebrating 150 followers requires having a SALE!!!! Who doesn't L.O.V.E.   a    S.A.L.E? I know I do - so, to celebrate 150 followers I am having a sale. Come on over to my little shop and check out what I have AND the BEST part is, EVERYTHING is 10% off!!! I just posted a great activity to do with your kiddos on missing addends. This activity meets Common Core standard 1.OA.8. It gets the kids up and moving, partner working, and solving for missing addends all in one! Check out a preview below:
 Below you will see an example of the missing addends cards that you cut in half and post around the room for students to solve using their data sheet. 
 There are 24 cards in all.
 Below is the data sheet students will use to record their work and answers on.
We use Math Expressions (Houghton Mifflin) in our district. We really like it because it is very hands-on and teaches children great strategies to solve problems. For adding and subtracting, we teach circle drawings which I LOVE! I would marry them if I could! For example, adding 3+2, we would draw 3 circles, then 2 more and count in all. Then to count on, we would circle the first number {or biggest number} and draw circle to count on for the second number. Subtracting 3-2, students would draw 3 circles, then "draw a line"{representing the subtraction symbol} through 2. LOVE! Anyway-probably clear as mud but that is how we do it here in Carson City! {Hence the reason for "circle drawing on the data sheet}. See example below of circle drawings:

CLick here to go to my store or on the top right corner button and get 10% OFF starting TODAY - THURSDAY!!!!! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

10 More 10 Less Mental Madness

I just created a board game for partners to play working on identifying 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, and 1 less and posted it at my store. The Common Core standard this particular game is covering is 1.NBT.5. Your kiddos will LOVE playing this fun game - learning by playing games is the best way to learn! Common Core wants students to "justify" their thinking, and with this game, justifying is built in. Students must share how they came up with their answer before moving on.When students are finished playing, they may complete the worksheet. Check out the pictures below for a little preview:
Above is the game-board students will use.

The cards are cut apart and students will turn one card over at a time and share with their partner the number that is missing. 

The worksheet above can be used to wrap up the lesson or to use as an assessment. 

Grab yourself a copy at my little shop by clicking here or on my button in the top right corner. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Marshmallow Graphing

More Holiday Treats Perfect for Graphing!
Purchase Holiday Mallows from Walmart or Target. Snag a copy of my graphing packet and there ya go-Holiday Mallow Graphing in your classroom! Click on the pic above to get your copy. 

Monday, December 5, 2011


Christmas Crunch Cereal Update:

They went and changed the cereal on me so here is an updated version of the graphs. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Crunch! Graphing and Eating

First things first-you MUST go buy a box of CHristmas Crunch! I bought mine at Walmart.

Second, download a copy of my Christmas Crunch sorting, graphing, and eating activity. 

Happy Monday!!!

If my pictures are not showing here to download.  {Being difficult tonight}

Bah-Humbugs! Unit

Ok friends I am going to make this short and sweet because it is LATE! I just finished my Bah-Humbugs Unit and I am going to post a few more freebies that are included in this way cute but very high level thinking unit. Talk about really dissecting the book as you read-this unit is all about reading comprehension with a ton of F.U.N. mixed in for the perfect blend!  Oh- and did I mention a tiny bit of math/cookie taste testing and graphing for the heck of it is included too?!
Here is FREEBIE number one:
Number Two: 
Here is the poem one more time in case you didn't get a copy earlier.  I  created it to go with the book.
Number Three: 
Last, but not least, is the bubble map to describe the Humbugs using adjectives. Students will write using this map to describe the Humbugs. See an example of the finished project below. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cutest CHristmas Book Ever!

The Christmas Humbugs

You have got to get this book if you don't already have it! It is adorable! I made a little poem to go with it. I am in the process of making a cute little unit and this poem will be included in the unit. It will be filled full of fun reading activities. Grab a book from AMAZON now and grab a copy of my FREEBIE poem below...

Our AMAZING Thinking Maps/Write From The Beginning guru for our District showed me this little book and I fell in L.O.V.E.! I think you will too!

Common Core Survey/Graphing

My first grade friends and I attended a PD training on Common Core math. I created this little survey so students can survey their friends. Students can choose their three categories, write them in the appropriate places on the graphs, and wa-la! If ya have any questions let me know! The line under the question line is for the title of the graph.

Click on the pictures above to get a copy or click here for a copy.