Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seasons...Which season am I ?

Using a circle map and leaving it blank in the middle is a great way for students to make inferences or draw conclusions. The circle map works perfectly for this activity. The teacher can display and read the clues while students guess which season the circle map is describing. You may want to try covering all the clues and then uncover one at a time while students share with a partner which season they think it is. First Grade A La Carte discovered a FABULOUS resource for science songs and videos. I actually made these maps from watching the videos! The maps and songs tie together perfectly! Here is the site: HarryKindergarten's Channel.

Now your students are ready to sort! They are already familiar with the pictures from the songs and the circle maps so the next step is to sort the pictures using a tree map. I would suggest running the tree map on a legal size piece of paper so students have plenty of room to sort their pictures. What better way is there to learn about seasons than learning through songs, movement, and Thinking Maps!

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  1. Love it! Thank you I was looking for something quick and easy for reviewing seasons and this is just perfect!