Monday, December 3, 2012

And the WInners Are...

We had a very busy Monday...Nothing out of the ordinary but still busy which is always nice (it sure makes the time fly)! The first thing I did was check our pumpkin to see if any seeds had sprouted and I all I found was a SUPER mushy, yucky, disgusting, rotten pumpkin that was growing mold...NOT pumpkins! HA! I think our building got too cold over the weekend and blew our chance of sprouting! worked great last year. If you haven't seen this before, you can cut the top off a pumpkin, clean out the seeds and pulp, pour a bunch of soil in (almost to the top), and plant your pumpkin seeds right in the soil in the pumpkin! I was doubtful but last year it worked! This year I thought it was going to work even better because I have great natural light coming in...but not so much!

On to more exciting business...the winners of my newest unit Name Me Short or Long...Vowels are:

Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies 



Ann Feliz

Congrats ladies...I hope you enjoy my unit! 

If you would still love a copy of my unit to add to your resources you can click {HERE} to go to my store and purchase a unit for $4.00.  Have a look at the preview if you missed it yesterday.

Be back soon with MORE!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Name Me Short or Long Vowels...a Mini Common Core Unit Giveaway!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...we had LOTS of rain! It has finally stopped and the sun is out but it is getting chilly! I had LOTS of time inside this weekend so I put together a mini unit focused on long and short vowels with many fun activities...have a look below:

This mini unit focuses on the Common Core Standard RF2.a. This standards requires students to identify if a word has a long or short vowel. Name Me Short or Long Vowels is a unit that helps students master this standard. It contains the following activities:
*Long vowel and short vowel poems
*Consonant/Vowel sort
*Three picture sorts
*Find My Match Whole Group Game
*Long Vowel/Vowel Team Cards
*Vowels in the Wild West board game
*Three extra practice long/short vowel work sheets

Lots of FUN activities to learn, practice, and master Common Core Standard RF2.a.

Here is a preview of the fun activities included:

I will be using these fun activities this week as well as my Reindeer Magic! unit. 
I am giving away three of these units to three random friends. Leave a comment and enter to win a FREE copy. If you can't wait to see if you are the lucky winner of this unit, click {HERE} to go to my store and grab a copy. 

Have a great week!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

HUGE CYBER SALE!!!! Monday and Tuesday...HURRY!

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Below are a couple units you may want to purchase from my store for the upcoming months...

Reindeer Magic {HERE}...

My Second Quarter Math Pack {HERE}:

Snowman Soup...A Unit PERFECT for January {HERE}! 

And these are just a few of the MaNy units I have available! 
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HaPpY ShOpPiNg!!!! 
I know I am going to ShOp TiLL I DrOp!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving FREEBIES GALORE!!!!

Hi there...Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving! I have a few little freebies for you. My scanner is not working so I could not scan in the Turkey glyph but I will get it to you (hopefully tomorrow). I know it is a little late but you will have it for next year!

Below you will see a FREEBIE: I am Thankful For...
We brainstorm all the things or people we are thankful for and then they write. For example, they might say "I am Thankful For...My mom because she makes the best dinner." (I know the pic above does not show the "For" but I promise it IS on the PDF you can download for FREE). 

ClICK {HERE} for your "I Am Thankful For..." FREEBIE!

Another FREEBIE for YOU...Memory Match with Thanksgiving Vocabulary...
I have my kiddos work with a partner and they match the vocabulary word to the picture.

CLICK {HERE} to get your FREE copy of Thanksgiving Memory Match!

Don't forget about these little cuties! Place Value F.U.N!

Click {HERE} for this FREEBIE!

...and a great addition to your place value resources is this place value mat seen below:

I copy enough for student to have one and place them in a sheet protector. Students write on these mats using their white board markers allowing them to be used over and over. You can play in several different ways-I have students spin a spinner, roll two dice and make a two digit number, I have used dominoes to make a two digit number...there are many ways to use this mat. 

CLICK {HERE} to get a FREE copy of the mat seen above! 

Another great resource to add to your Place Value collection is my Building Numbers and Learning Place Value unit. Check it out below:

Click {HERE} to grab a copy at my store! 

That is all for tonight folks! I will see ya tomorrow! Happy Wednesday...We can do it-vacation is  almost here! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cornucopia Baggie of Treats for my Friends! FREEBIE

I had to share this with you really quick tonight! I found it on the internet somewhere and I had to do this for all my kiddos and friends. Have a look:

Click {HERE} for the blackline master to make your own! Just buy Runts and Bugles. Throw some in a baggie and waa-laa-Cornucopia Cuteness! 

I'll be back tomorrow with a Turkey Glyph Freebie. Happy Saturday!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Common Core Math Pack: Quarter 2, and Turkey FUN!

I have just completed my Express Yourself: Quarter 2 Common Core Math Pack. This unit is 97 pages of hands on activities that promote higher level thinking. Students will have a blast leaning with the activities provided in this unit. Every common core math standard taught during the second quarter can be found in this great pack! This unit contains the following:
*Time to the hour and half hour
*Odd and Even Numbers
*Doubles Within a Number
*One more, One less
*Addition story problems
*True and False equations
*Shake and Spill Addition
*Counting On
*Counting on with the Greater Number
*Subtraction stories
*A Food Survey with Bar graph, Pictograph, and Tally Graph
*Partner Houses with Snowbirds
*Addition (Vertical and Horizontal)
*Math Mountain's with Missing Addends
*Math Mountains with Related Facts
*Identifying the 10 and Loose "Ones"
*Snowmen can Make 10: A Place Value Activity
*Decade Numbers with Snowmen

All activities require discussion to explain their "thinking" and have manipulatives that will guarantee student engagement.

See a preview below:

This unit is for sale at my TpT store for $8.00. It will fulfill each common core math standard for the second quarter. The preview seen above are just some of the activities found in this unit...there are many more provided in this unit. 

We will be working out of Express Yourself Quarter 2 Common Core Math Pack for the remainder of the quarter in math and in Science, Social Studies, and Writing we will be working out my Gobble Gobble: A Unit ABout Turkeys as well as my Pumpkins With A Dash Of Thanksgiving. 
Have a look below:

Turkey Poem

Turkey Book (Kid Friendly) 

Pumpkin Unit

Brace Map (Parts of a Pumpkin)

Multi-Flow Map: How a Pumpkin Grows

Pumpkin Treat Survey

As well as my writing unit:

All this fun can be found at my store. Visit soon so the rest of your "Year" will be planned!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Science Cover for Journal/Notebook FREEBIE!!!

On Sunday I posted a picture of the science journal we use to collect and store all the kiddos "science stuff." As I mentioned on Sunday, kids glue their maps, little fact books...anything we are using to learn about the topic or theme for that week. Last week we finished up our bat unit and added all the fun activities we did to their science journals. As they add to their journals, they are creating a really neat resource that can be used during the formal writing period. After they have completed all the maps and activities in the unit and added them all to their science journals, they have a tool they can refer to as they write. They have really enjoyed looking through their journals and revisiting the units we have completed already.  Here are pictures of their science journals in case you missed them on Sunday.
Brace map: Parts of a Bat

Bubble Map: adjectives to describe a bat

These are examples of maps found in my bat unit. All my units contain maps similar to these plus so much more! If you are interested in my bat unit click {HERE}.

I created a new science journal cover for you and your kiddos. The science journal seen here is the one we currently are using and I am not sure where it came from. I think one of my fabulous team members found it in a book. SO, I remembered that I purchased a science bundle from the very talented Nikki over at Melonheadz and created my own science journal cover. Be sure to grab a copy of the cover below because it is FREE!!!! Click {HERE} to visit my store and grab a FREE copy!
Put this cute little cover on the front of your science journal. Have your students draw their face on the person. CUTE!

That's all for tonight my friends...have a great night! TGIF {almost}!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Common Core Writing: First Grade! Second Quarter

I FINISHED IT!!!!! WOO HOO! Wow...that took me FOR-EV-ER! But it is finished...and I am so glad :-) This unit is the follow-up to my COmmon COre Writing:First Grade! Quarter 1 unit. {CLick HERE} to have a look at my store. Below is a little preview below:

This quarter the focus is on writing expanded sentences with adjectives, varied sentence beginnings, and a personal connection for a closing. It seems like a lot but I promise your kiddos will get there! It is hard to believe but I promise they will surprise you! I suggest doing mini-lessons on adjectives, extending sentences, staying on topic, as well as pronouns so students have an easier time mastering the new expectations.  If you enjoyed my first unit, you will love this one! This unit includes nine weeks worth of thematic writing activities. There are maps for each topic for your students to organize their writing ideas with, cute writing paper, vocabulary enrichment activities, differentiated maps, a poem about scarecrows, fact book about turkeys, as well as craftivities. The writing mini units included are: Pumpkins, Leaf Man, Owls, Scarecrows, Turkey, Winter, Hot Chocolate, Snowmen, and My Elf. Each writing mini unit includes differentiated maps to meet each or your students’ needs. The units increase in expectations as you progress through each one ensuring all students will be grade level writers by the end of the second quarter. CLICK HERE to go to my store and grab a copy. 
You may be wondering when I teach opinion and personal narratives. I will start with personal recount narratives in mid January and opinion writing in March. So look for another unit coming your way to cover third and fourth quarter writing cover these common core writing standards.

In other news, my kiddos and I finished our BAT unit. Here are some pictures I took of my kids completing the activities found in my unit. 

Here are our bat stories:

They are really getting good at writing extended sentences. 

Here is our science journals. I have the kids add any science map or activity that we complete to their science journals. Just about every map they create, they write from. This particular map is a brace map to tell the parts of a bat. They are using their journals to reference during our writing time. It is pretty fun to see them use their resources.

A picture of their bubble map used for describing (adjectives) a bat.

Another picture of their bubble map.

Here is a picture of their science journals. On one side they glue their science cover and they flip the notebook over and on the other side is a social studies cover where we add our social studies maps and other fun stuff! 
The bat unit was a blast and the kiddos learned so much. I love this time of year with all the fun thematic stuff we can do. If you like the activities seen here...grab a copy of my bat unit. {CLICK HERE} for my unit called All ABout Bats!