Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Sequencing

Yes, it is that time of the year when we talk, read, write and of course EAT apples. I have created a flow map used to sequence the Johnny Appleseed story. This is how it works...first students listen to the story. Then the pictures on the flow map are discussed whole group. You may even want to use your document camera to take a few pictures of the book you read to physically sequence the events. After, you have students cut out the pictures at the bottom of the flow map and they use the blank flow map to sequence. When students are finished sequencing the events (in partners) have them read the map. Be sure to have students use first, next, then, last, insure that students understand we are sequencing events. There is a particular order in which the events happened. At this point in the year I generally won't have them write with this map because their  writing skills are not developed enough to be able to do this successfully. However, verbally describing the events in this map using complete sentences is just as good for them by helping them build a solid sense of sentence structure. Sooo....this is my thinking with the map in which the order of the pictures are sequenced: Johnny, the pan, the bag of appleseeds, the small apple tree, then the apple tree with apples, the boy picking apples, last the apple pie.

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