Sunday, October 7, 2012

What We Did Last Week! and Update on Common Core Writing Unit Quarter 2

What did we do last week you ask...well let me show you! We made the cutest firefighters from Kim Adsit's Fire FIghter unit . Then we read LOTS of books about firefighters and shared all the information we learned with each other. After, we began the writing process using a circle map, tree map, and then finally transferring our stories to our final paper. Have a look below to see how cute they turned out below...

If you would like to do this fun project and writing with your kiddos, click HERE and grab a FREE circle map, tree map, and paper to write about firefighters.

And...I am working on creating a Common Core Writing Second Quarter, the follow-up unit from Common Core Writing First Quarter.  Look for it by the end of the week!

This unit will include writing topics such as Scarecrows, Indian Corn, Leaf Man, Owls, Turkeys, Winter, Hot Chocolate, Snowmen, My Elf, and more! More than enough material and activities to take care of your planning needs and your first graders writing needs for the entire second quarter!
Coming Soon!!!! 

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