Monday, October 29, 2012

Spider Mania and a little November Stuff!

Oh. My. Gosh!!!! What a week...and it was even a 3 day weekend! Report cards, lesson planning, kids, ...too much! Whoever said weekends were for relaxing, well, they obviously were NOT teachers!

Sorry for venting, I do feel better though! SO, I did get a few things finished to share with you.

Last week we made the CUTEST spiders to go with our spider stories. The spiders are from my spider glyph/math mini unit found in my EEK! Spider Math! And the writing ideas came from my "A Unit ABout Spiders! Have look below to see how they turned out:

I created new calendar pieces for November because I am OBSESSED with Melonheadz! Check them out below...
Cute right???? I LOVE her stuff!

ALso, I pulled out one of the games from my Surfin' back to School Unit. This activity works on teen numbers and place value. 

Here is a preview:

I guess that is all I have my friends! I do have a HUGE math unit coming that aligns perfectly with Common Core AND Expressions...which is the math program we use. Look for it-coming soon! I know, I know, writing too...I just can't seem to fit it all in! I promise I will get there! Happy Halloween...I know I won't be able to get back to you until this crazy week is over! 

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