Sunday, November 4, 2012

Common Core Writing: First Grade! Second Quarter

I FINISHED IT!!!!! WOO HOO! Wow...that took me FOR-EV-ER! But it is finished...and I am so glad :-) This unit is the follow-up to my COmmon COre Writing:First Grade! Quarter 1 unit. {CLick HERE} to have a look at my store. Below is a little preview below:

This quarter the focus is on writing expanded sentences with adjectives, varied sentence beginnings, and a personal connection for a closing. It seems like a lot but I promise your kiddos will get there! It is hard to believe but I promise they will surprise you! I suggest doing mini-lessons on adjectives, extending sentences, staying on topic, as well as pronouns so students have an easier time mastering the new expectations.  If you enjoyed my first unit, you will love this one! This unit includes nine weeks worth of thematic writing activities. There are maps for each topic for your students to organize their writing ideas with, cute writing paper, vocabulary enrichment activities, differentiated maps, a poem about scarecrows, fact book about turkeys, as well as craftivities. The writing mini units included are: Pumpkins, Leaf Man, Owls, Scarecrows, Turkey, Winter, Hot Chocolate, Snowmen, and My Elf. Each writing mini unit includes differentiated maps to meet each or your students’ needs. The units increase in expectations as you progress through each one ensuring all students will be grade level writers by the end of the second quarter. CLICK HERE to go to my store and grab a copy. 
You may be wondering when I teach opinion and personal narratives. I will start with personal recount narratives in mid January and opinion writing in March. So look for another unit coming your way to cover third and fourth quarter writing cover these common core writing standards.

In other news, my kiddos and I finished our BAT unit. Here are some pictures I took of my kids completing the activities found in my unit. 

Here are our bat stories:

They are really getting good at writing extended sentences. 

Here is our science journals. I have the kids add any science map or activity that we complete to their science journals. Just about every map they create, they write from. This particular map is a brace map to tell the parts of a bat. They are using their journals to reference during our writing time. It is pretty fun to see them use their resources.

A picture of their bubble map used for describing (adjectives) a bat.

Another picture of their bubble map.

Here is a picture of their science journals. On one side they glue their science cover and they flip the notebook over and on the other side is a social studies cover where we add our social studies maps and other fun stuff! 
The bat unit was a blast and the kiddos learned so much. I love this time of year with all the fun thematic stuff we can do. If you like the activities seen here...grab a copy of my bat unit. {CLICK HERE} for my unit called All ABout Bats! 


  1. Yay, I'm so excited you finished it!

  2. Me too!!!!!! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Do you have a copy of your Science Journal page?

  4. WOW!!!!! AHHHHHHH are you ready for Thanksgiving break??? I would like a copy of you science journal page too. THANK YOU!!!! Stop by anytime!

  5. Hi there! I just came upon your blog and I'm loving it. Love the way you break down the writing using WFTB-ish circle maps and tree maps! Wondering if you had an OPINION quarter focus for writing?

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