Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving FREEBIES GALORE!!!!

Hi there...Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving! I have a few little freebies for you. My scanner is not working so I could not scan in the Turkey glyph but I will get it to you (hopefully tomorrow). I know it is a little late but you will have it for next year!

Below you will see a FREEBIE: I am Thankful For...
We brainstorm all the things or people we are thankful for and then they write. For example, they might say "I am Thankful For...My mom because she makes the best dinner." (I know the pic above does not show the "For" but I promise it IS on the PDF you can download for FREE). 

ClICK {HERE} for your "I Am Thankful For..." FREEBIE!

Another FREEBIE for YOU...Memory Match with Thanksgiving Vocabulary...
I have my kiddos work with a partner and they match the vocabulary word to the picture.

CLICK {HERE} to get your FREE copy of Thanksgiving Memory Match!

Don't forget about these little cuties! Place Value F.U.N!

Click {HERE} for this FREEBIE!

...and a great addition to your place value resources is this place value mat seen below:

I copy enough for student to have one and place them in a sheet protector. Students write on these mats using their white board markers allowing them to be used over and over. You can play in several different ways-I have students spin a spinner, roll two dice and make a two digit number, I have used dominoes to make a two digit number...there are many ways to use this mat. 

CLICK {HERE} to get a FREE copy of the mat seen above! 

Another great resource to add to your Place Value collection is my Building Numbers and Learning Place Value unit. Check it out below:

Click {HERE} to grab a copy at my store! 

That is all for tonight folks! I will see ya tomorrow! Happy Wednesday...We can do it-vacation is  almost here! 

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