Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Common Core Math Pack: Quarter 2, and Turkey FUN!

I have just completed my Express Yourself: Quarter 2 Common Core Math Pack. This unit is 97 pages of hands on activities that promote higher level thinking. Students will have a blast leaning with the activities provided in this unit. Every common core math standard taught during the second quarter can be found in this great pack! This unit contains the following:
*Time to the hour and half hour
*Odd and Even Numbers
*Doubles Within a Number
*One more, One less
*Addition story problems
*True and False equations
*Shake and Spill Addition
*Counting On
*Counting on with the Greater Number
*Subtraction stories
*A Food Survey with Bar graph, Pictograph, and Tally Graph
*Partner Houses with Snowbirds
*Addition (Vertical and Horizontal)
*Math Mountain's with Missing Addends
*Math Mountains with Related Facts
*Identifying the 10 and Loose "Ones"
*Snowmen can Make 10: A Place Value Activity
*Decade Numbers with Snowmen

All activities require discussion to explain their "thinking" and have manipulatives that will guarantee student engagement.

See a preview below:

This unit is for sale at my TpT store for $8.00. It will fulfill each common core math standard for the second quarter. The preview seen above are just some of the activities found in this unit...there are many more provided in this unit. 

We will be working out of Express Yourself Quarter 2 Common Core Math Pack for the remainder of the quarter in math and in Science, Social Studies, and Writing we will be working out my Gobble Gobble: A Unit ABout Turkeys as well as my Pumpkins With A Dash Of Thanksgiving. 
Have a look below:

Turkey Poem

Turkey Book (Kid Friendly) 

Pumpkin Unit

Brace Map (Parts of a Pumpkin)

Multi-Flow Map: How a Pumpkin Grows

Pumpkin Treat Survey

As well as my writing unit:

All this fun can be found at my store. Visit soon so the rest of your "Year" will be planned!


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