Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to Room 108...Mrs. Tackitt's First Grade Class

Hi there my friends...I have been SUPER busy, I am sure all of you have been too! This last year we had been under MAJOR construction. We had two additional wings added to our building and all but four teachers (I think) were moved including me. Our school looks AMAZING! After a week of training and unpacking I finally have my room put together. Now it is just a matter of putting my lesson plans together and I am ready for my new class of Firsties on Monday. I finally got it together and took pictures of my classroom to share with you...

Here is my cute little rug that my kiddos sit on while playing on the SMART board with me. I have my themed books on display under the SMART board. 

Here you see my cupboards where I display student work. I use a clothes pin and hot glue a cute little sign with their names on them. I hot glue the clothes pins right onto the cupboards (don't worry, they pop right is GREAT!). Displaying student work with these babies has never been easier!

Here you see my First Grade Rocks! sign displayed above my calendar. I LOVE my much learning goes on here-I am a little OCD about my calendar!

"Blast into First Grade" is my outside bulletin board this year. I got this C.U.T.E. idea from First Grade Parade-The amazing Cara Carroll.

This is how I display my Birthday graph. I found a similar idea on Pinterest. I haven't put up the kids birsthdays yet but all I do is put their name on circles (blank circles like the ones you see on the ruler) and birth date in a line under the appropriate month. I'll post another pic when I am finished. 

Another picture of my calendar. 

Another idea from Cara Carroll, The First Grade Parade. She uses jumbo size book covers to put over her chairs to act as an extra storage space for folders, books, etc. Turn one side of the book cover inside out and it is PERFECT!

Here are a few more pictures...a door sign I made, my themed books, and my room set up. I am super excited about my windows this year. Last year they were high so I didn't get a lot of natural light which I am NOT crazy about-I think I will LOVE this room! 
Ok folks, I am off to watch a football game - my oldest kiddo is a freshman so we are all about Blue and Gold... GO Coleville High!!! WOOOO HOOO!

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  1. Your room looks awesome! So creative and what a fun environment. Wishing you a great year!