Monday, September 3, 2012

Winners of the ABC Criss-Cross Applesauce Game and a FREEBIE!

Hi there my friends...Happy Labor Day! Congrats to the winners of the ABC game:
1. Yvonee
2. Beth
3. Karyn
Thanks for playing...I will be emailing the game to you lucky ladies SOON!!!!

As for the F.U.N. FREEBIE-I think you are going to LOVE it! I think they going to be adorable! 
As a grade level we have decided to tackle shapes and number sense first. So, I made this cute little Shape Monster Glyph to go with the other activities we have compiled. I got the idea from another amazing teacher and changed it up a little bit to meet our needs. With that being said, I have NO idea where the idea originated so if this idea is partly yours....PLEASE leave me a little comment so I can give you credit. I have not made an example yet but it is pretty self explanatory.  Have a look below:

The page below is the glyph directions for you to display while you create your shape monsters. 
On a side note-I am going to use google eyes. 

There are five shapes included in this pack (Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, and trapezoid)

This page is your shape monsters arms, legs, hair...
*I am going to have my kiddos glue a pom pom for a nose.

The page below is to collect data after all your kiddos create a shape monster. Each student will need a copy of this page. 

If you haven't seen my bubble map inferencing activity with shapes, my trapezoid poem, my BINGO shape game, or my Shape Shuffle game ALL-FOR-FREE!!! sure to click on the triangle guy below and take a look. 

Please leave a little comment below if you grab a copies of my freebies and share what you found at my blog with your teacher friends-IHave them come on over and join my blog... I love reading all your comments and growing my circle of friends!

 Happy Shape Teaching!


  1. The game is fabulous! Thanks so much Johanna! I love the shape glyph too! You have such cute ideas! :-)