Sunday, February 19, 2012

SALE!!!! CALLING ALL First Grade Fanatic! Friends...

I am throwing a President's weekend sale. Check out my latest unit, an ELA unit called {you guessed it} "President's Day, ELA Common Core + MORE!"  You can have have a look at these fun activities by checking out the pictures below. I have posted a couple freebies from my unit that you can grab as well. I LOVE this time of year! Well, I guess there isn't a time of school year I don't LOVE! {OK maybe that's a lie, I don't love party days! Yes, I admitted it, I am a party pooper! I know that you all won't hold it against me though~we have that kind of relationship where I can "open up" and tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of Johanna!}

Poem and Inflected Endings Freebie from my President's Day Unit

Sing the Poem below to "My mother is a baker"

Click on any picture above to download the freebies.  

 Preview of my entire President's Day Unit

Click HERE to visit this unit at my TpT store and get 20% off until Monday at midnight! Hurry the sale won't last forever! Happy three day weekend!

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