Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Freebie FUN!

I am sooooo enjoying this week of NO school! I am very sorry for those of you who had to go back on Tuesday-my kiddos included! I have to admit it is pretty nice having some quiet time during the day while everyone is busy at school. I got a chance to go visit my little guy's class-he's in Kindergarten. LOVE watching him in action! I have also had a chance to do a couple activities for school while I have been off but I promised myself I would NOT spend all of my vacation on the computer and I am proud to say that I have not! are a few activities I have put together FREE for you to use if you would like to in your classroom! Just leave me a little comment if you could - I would greatly appreciate it!

First on the list of freebies today is...
January Calendar
Click on the Picture above to get a copy of the January calendar. 

Next...Half/Not Half Tree Map Sort

I am all of the sudden having issues with google docs so the pic above will take you to my store and you can download it free there.  Not sure what the prob. is??? 

Look for a penguin unit coming soon and a Tacky the Penguin mini-unit with all kinds of higher-level thinking activities {very similar to the Bah-Humbugs unit}. 
Have a very nice rest of the week and I will be talking to ya soon:-) 

I just came across this and thought I would join it.  Not sure what it is all about but it looks fun!
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