Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stinkin' Adorable!

I got this adorable idea from Cara at The First Grade Parade. She read the kids The Little Scarecrow Boy and then completed a story map with the kiddos. She turned the story map into scarecrows - C.U.T.E!!! Sooooo...I HAD to do this activity with my kiddos today. Take a look at the pictures below-LOVE them!
  How cute are these???? My kind of art project...finished in 25 minutes!  Lots of Cuteness :-)
So I had to make this great idea into a Thinking Map of course... if you would like a copy of the tree map/story map, CLICK HERE.
I modeled as the kids followed along with me and filled the tree map out. Character and setting are self explanatory, the problem/solution is a little trickier. I write or draw an event or problem in the box. To the left of the box you write the cause of the problem and to the right you write or draw the effect (solution). In this story the event or problem was "The little scarecrow boy isn't fierce." The cause written to the left is "the boy is too small." The effect or solution is "dad taught him 6 ugly faces" and or "dad taught him to be fierce." This story map is copied on the back of their scarecrows. Lot of fun!

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