Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A couple more apple activities!

I love to incorporate poems as much as possible.  This is an apple poem I found on the internet and added to it a bit. We read the poem several times throughout the week highlighting rhyming words, high frequency words, and what ever else you can think of. At the end of the week, students are given a copy and they read it, highlight, cut the poem apart on the dotted lines, mix it up, then sequence the poem.  A great idea for students to self check would be to have them draw a picture on the back of the page (taking up as much of the page as possible) so they can sequence the poem and then turn the poem over to check their work. Last they glue it down and add it to their personal reader folder for future use. Click on the picture to get a copy!

Double Bubble
Compare and Contrast

Above is a double bubble map where students can compare red apples and green apples. Each student, or partnership, gets one strip of pictures. After taste testing and doing lots of fun background building activities with the apples, they are ready to compare with the apples. The two triangles and squares on the map are for how they are different (sweet and sour). The hexagons are for how they are alike (both have stars when cut in half, both have flesh, skin, grow on trees...) After students compare with the pictures, they should be able to read at least one sentence from the map if not several. An example: Green apples are sour. Red apples are sweet. They both have stars when you cut them apart. 

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