Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apple fun!

I always begin the year with an apple unit. Roll an apple is one of the many activities I do with my class. They LOVE it.  It teaches them how to work together, play a game, and follow directions. Click on the pic. to get a copy of your own ;-)    

Another fun activity is the Apple Can Be tree map sort.  It is important for ELL students to be able to distinguish what an object/item can be and can't be.  The first page is two sets of identical pictures (my attempt at trying to save paper). Each student or pair gets a set of pictures and a tree map. I usually have the students work in pairs to build language. Students work together and sort on the tree map what an apple can and can't be. When they are finished they read their tree map using complete sentences. Example: An apple can be juice. An apple can't be a hot dog. 
Tree Map
Well my friends, all zero of you, that is all I can do for tonight!  I will be back soon-only a few hours until morning...wait, it IS morning!!!  Great - I have found yet another thing to be "addicted" too! Oh well - it could be worse ;-) Nighty-night!!

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