Sunday, July 22, 2012

Setting...Just The Basics {and a Map}

Hi Friends...I have another fun Common Core Freebie using a Brace Map. Below you see a Brace Map  to help teach setting. I LOVE using the Lakeshore vocabulary building picture set seen here {bottom left corner}. You can one set of cards or the whole set. Check it out by clicking on the picture:

Use my little brace map below to teach and learn about setting. This particular map I call "Just the Basics." I use it just to begin the process of learning to tell the setting by using the pictures provided in the vocab. box set and identify the who, where, and when of the picture. Some pictures don't lend themselves very well to identifying the when or the where however I encourage my kiddos to get creative and make it up. Grab a copy of the brace map below by clicking on the picture. 
You can grab the "advanced" copy of the setting brace map in my new Surfin' Back To School Unit. It will be finished in about a week! Happy Sunday!

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  1. Johanna,
    Hi I am a new follower! :) I found you through Cara at The First Grade Parade! :) You were featured in her Wandering Wednesday a long time ago and she talked about your free common core math vocabulary cards. Do you still have them available?

    Thanks so much! They just look too perfect not to have up this year since we are starting the common core!

    A Frenzy of Fun in 1st Grade